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elective backs and try to accomplish this using the courts in secret and that's truly what the issue is a broken whatever trust and violated whatever trust we may have had and that's the real issue and they're going to have to earn that back the hard way. election two thousand and thirteen while chris christie wins big in jersey the rest of the g.o.p. falls short what are republicans need to do the fix the party before twenty sixteen will be conservative radio talk show host dana loesch. board and former george w. bush spokesperson reed dickens helping us figure it all out coming up next on politicking with larry king.
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live politicking of larry king was tuesday's election a sign of what's to come in twenty sixteen joining us from washington is political senior washington correspondent and aplomb of anna was it a sign of what's going to happen in twenty sixteen points or we get call it a bell area but it's certainly going to be interesting to. see now we are going to be. in writing to the right and you mark to terry mcauliffe there you are democratic candidate now the governor of virginia and then in new jersey if you're really governor's race you are watching three reactors there he certainly is wearing the same phrase they're hearing or trying to appeal to democrats republicans to are you want him to ensure that our the national republican party kind of. our economy is. obamacare became an issue in the bridge in your race did that help the president do you think. result. i actually think this is going to
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be something to watch today we were talking to republicans all day long and they said they actually quite easy obama here in our. able to really tighten the race in the last couple of weeks and he really was hammering on obamacare as this was what was wrong and certainly when you talk to operatives it is i mean the plan on continuing to hammer well at this at levels that it's not something they're going to turn away from at all what do you make of that result in alabama's first district where bradley berthe thought that he was going to lose to the conservative establishment. establish what was going to be candidate dean young was challenging him and he got beat by five percent what do you make of that i think when you look at that race it is something that we've been focusing a lot right there is division within the republican party you have the tea party wing and you have that is this of the establishment republican and this was that first test case scenario where you had mr brand riding with the back of the chamber
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of commerce and was able to eke out a winner which is certainly something we're hearing a business community is going to look to and point to what asking donors to get into other races to kind of not have maybe as many tea party republicans elected to congress what's the overview than for twenty sixteen or is it too early to go well certainly chris christie is not your immediate sell you were looking at last night as one of the right spots certainly going to nationally bought into that national figure even more so than he was before but you know we don't know how terry mcauliffe when it was a very close copy of the clinton's so we're already starting it's thirteen but we're already looking at election day twenty sixteen with the split in the republican party logically can christie win the nomination. it is going to be near interesting to see exactly how he tries to break that needle he certainly already has started to to try. the narrative in the mire of public and he did sit
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down with some of our reporters and other reporters that were in new jersey on election day that's just the narrative of the media because he was able to work with obama after. sandy that that was what came out of it but he is truly a conservative and i imagine that he's going to start really hammering that in the months to come articulately as you had the republican governors association those that failed web site for obama get have the chance to straighten out before any of this if this will not go away. it is going to be something to watch certainly one of the things that the new cycle al is you know has changed so dramatically so the shutdown politics was big you know three weeks ago with everyone was you know the democrats were saying this is going to be how we're going to win the midterm election and it really didn't play as big as maybe some people had thought but obamacare is something that republicans are seizing on right we're having hearings on the hill and secretary sebelius has been up there it is still in the hot seat so
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as i think republicans are going to try to use this as long as absolutely possible to keep it as an issue for twenty fourteen and one of the house races in two thousand and fourteen be a significant change there it's going to be very hard for democrats to pick up a significant amount of seeds you know the districts are sewed gerrymandered are so kind of cut towards the republicans that you know in terms of who they're going to be able to pick up those races we're looking at you know that nancy pelosi trying to try to pick up a handful any luck you should because that more than that where is house republicans are really going to be more going to be the narrative in the next couple of months of these primaries are they are going to be the tea party you know anti-establishment candidates are they going to beat al maybe more incumbent long term washington establishment republicans things and an obama politico see the senior washington correspondent joining me here in los angeles is republican strategist reed victims who served as white house assist the jury for joy. w.
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bush and dave ruben host of the ruben report on the young turks network also joining us via skype from st louis conservative radio talk show host dana loesch who is also a contributor to the blaze are looking back to tuesday what's your overview read first of all at the top of the ticket unless you're within the margin of error i don't think parties win elections when you're talking about governors and presidents at the top of the ticket i think it's candidates you know good i think a good candidate with bad ideas will beat a bad candidate with good ideas every single time. i think if you look at twenty sixteen it's going to come down to how good of candidates each party fields i don't think it will have anything to do with chris christie or terry mcauliffe really i don't what do you think dave well it's funny that immediately we started talking about twenty sixteen i mean that was the thing christie got in and everybody everybody in news immediately this is about twenty sixteen i disagree actually i think this is this was his moment if you watched his acceptance speech the whole
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the whole thing was about two thousand and sixteen it was all about this new america we're going to have and i'm a jersey guy and i'm going to be more moderate and yet i am conservative and i think a lot of the social issues that the republicans need to get away from say gay rights for example they're going to be gone by twenty six in the waves come already and once they can get away from that then he does become a truly viable candidate dana loesch i know you're one of the founders of the tea party you've been with us when we were at c.n.n. how do you view this christie story. larry i always remember a back during the era of the last campaign everybody was really excited about jon huntsman too but that didn't pan out very well chris christie is a formidable contender for twenty sixteen but the republican party also has a really good bench coming out as well probably one of the best benches that they've had in quite some time so there's still a lot of room nothing said i mean we're still several years off a lot of things can happen and what necessarily what works in new jersey may not necessarily translate across the rest of the united states we're going to be
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talking to individuals who are kind of tired of always getting their republicans from the east coast so if that's something that can be overcome and there are a lot of a lot of other issues including some energy policies and other things that christie can overcome that there is something that's working in his favor larry and that is he's able to put into words that which really resonates with a lot of americans so he does score on that one. let me let me tell you this right now chris christie i think will be the rudy giuliani of twenty sixteen from from two thousand and eight and here's why rudy giuliani was thirty seven percent in the national polls and i remember telling you in two thousand and eight there is no national primary it once he leaves new york and the coast he'll go from being this cool guy to the first time you drop an f. bomb in a bible study in georgia your primary is over so i think chris christie is cool to the coastal elites and i think he's fun to the media because he doesn't use talking points but i don't think he's got what it takes to do a republican primary day michael reagan tweeted last night congratulations to
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christie republicans could learn from this conservative moderate women blacks and asians it's a reagan coalition you see christie following the reagan ford yeah absolutely i mean that that's the move that's the move and i agree with dana that the next crop the twenty sixteen crop is going to be much stronger i mean if we look back now to the crap that ran against i mean it has to be but by default it has to be but really what a bunch of clowns really we had there between michele bachmann and i mean it was just this epic loser fest that everybody took the lead for a little while and then they get well romney and that was it but absolutely if christie goes the reagan route that's the way to go but again i'm sort of i'm hesitant to talk too much about twenty sixteen when the election was just yesterday in two thousand and thirteen i think that's what it is right i think the republican party right now just to speak on a macro level has three fundamental problems right now one is ideological purity
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george w. bush said just the other night in ohio you don't have to be here or you win. ideological purity you know you would think listening to some on the right ted cruz you know you think that they're burning bibles right now during the budget debate and i think that's a flaw in the second problem we have as a party is bad candidates in zero eight i mean twenty twelve i mean it he said as a clown fast and i would agree and then the third issue is. tone deafness i mean ted cruz on the senate floor frankly makes your changed my party registration so i think you have to step back and say we're going to be ideologically pure are we going to be competitive and i would imagine you're an admirer of senator cruz i do i do like ted cruz i don't think it's any illogically if you were to just say look we want limited government and just the responsibility social issues is something i'm completely i'm interested in talking about as i think cruz and a lot of other folks are because we have some serious economic issues that are going to have way more intact on immediate and future generations than anything social i mean it's kind of like the eighty twenty rule i think that senator cruz
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and a lot of other individuals approach it on that as well but to kind of look at you know looking back at two thousand and twelve candidates i don't necessarily agree that everybody has a clown show either i or another i would necessarily use that burbage or the adjective to describe it but i do think that we had some we had some decent candidates but we had horrible messaging if anything was a clown show it's the messaging on the right conservatives and republicans fail to look at political idiology and they fail to look at the as a product which is how it should be present that instead they keep pulling out charts and graphs and they get very wonky on it and it's more a net that's what people don't look at and they don't go into the weeds like that and that's one thing where democrats always pass them on one of the things that i think chris christie while he's going to have a tough sell with some of his policy in new jersey he at least does get that to an extent ted cruz gets that to an extent but what the really the big picture of this at this time in twenty sixteen race is going to be as two things how well the focus is going to be on obamacare which should be the focus going forward from here on out we saw with all of the exit polling with this last election it's dale action
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obamacare failed in the fall and secondly is there going to be this divide on the right is it going to be a christie cruise deathmatch political death match to the end will say. good observation we'll take a break and we'll talk about virginia when we come back. live . live live.
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live . few u.s. presidents elected to a second term in office leave the white house successful or even popular bronco bamma is the case in point his poll numbers are low his legislative agenda is in deep trouble and washington's friends and foes around the world do not take him seriously is obama already a lame duck president. the deepest lake in the world. usually then no more than fifteen thousand years old this one dates back twenty five.
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spirits and buddhist gods live in. the pure clear water in the lake is helping scientists unravel the mysteries of the universe. i try to see by cal in its entirety. it's not that i have discovered something new here rather that i absorb everything that this place offers. the spirit of. politicking with reed dickens day ruben and dana by the way next week former vice president dick cheney will be our special guest on politicking our how do you see the image in your race what happened there. so i think terry mcauliffe is a formidable candidate i think he's relentless he's his i think problems are behind
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him i think the only bellwether if you're going to use that term for twenty sixteen from virginia is if you're looking for statistical anomalies if exit when a different way than expected are certain demographics and i think there's a lot of data that has to be mined before you can make any projections so i think twenty sixteen with a good candidate beating some candidate who didn't have a shot well mcauliffe why. and so it's good for the democrats and throws al you but it was way closer than they thought it also shows you that you know obama and hillary clinton campaigned for him so maybe having them around with everything going on with obamacare doesn't help that much and you know the thing with mcauliffe is he's a huge money guy is the former head of the d.n.c. he's a money guy money guy money guy and the real issue in politics that everyone knows is we've got to get the money out so just having another money guy when i don't know long term is that good for the democrats i don't think so necessarily and the razor thin margin that he won by i think shows that they know where do you view how
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do you view virginia. virginia shows larry the difference in strategy that need to grow public and switched up their hand towards the end of the race because there for a while mcauliffe was leading by double digits and then when the enrollment with the affordable care act in cortical care act and your website troubles all of that began to hit the press and people began seeing in real time as it hit their paychecks and as they got their insurance cancellations in the mail that began to really hurt mcauliffe in fact when the president was there campaigning before hand he didn't even bring up the affordable care act he didn't mention health care and when cuccinelli finally started when his team finally started fighting that narrative head on that's when mcauliffe started driving in the polls look with all of the money that they spent the democrats spent in the race in virginia two when only by what fifty something thousand votes and what i call the fake libertarian candidate who was for expanding medicaid and raising taxes he did he only got seven percent of the vote and i don't even know about was enough to really have such a huge impact as i think he ended up sucking some of those votes away from a couple of so it shows the strategy if anything it was
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a bellwether on the affordable care act and it was about whether or on republican strategy going forward alabama. was the burn they thought he would lose who was the stronger strong candidate. five percent. so again i was not going to endorse burns i think. people who were watching from afar were surprise. i think people on the ground were less surprised going back to how this all serves as a bellwether if you really look at this i'm not a believer that poll that opinion changes by double digits in a short amount of time i think that's more of a flaw in our ability to survey and poll and that's a flaw in self report i think it's a little bit of a danger when you win by fifty thousand votes like mcauliffe did or you have a election like this i don't think opinion sways over obamacare in the news i think it just exposes that you know we still believe a very divided country we are very divided but not as
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a divine light at the end of the tunnel you see a light at the end i don't think we're truly as divided as they want us to be i mean they want us to be divided so that the fox people are screaming on one side and the m s n b c people are screaming on the other side and then this is the on line world is where we can actually have some decent honest discussion about it i think most people actually do want government to take it back a tone i was think they want lower taxes as a general rule i think they want all the social stuff i agree with dana the social stuff should be out the window for the next election and let's just get past you know basic things related to gay rights and women's rights and things like that so they want us to be in a perpetual state of craziness so we vote in one guy then we vote in the opposite guy and then we just keep doing it again and again but i think there's room for something else i don't know what the answer to the question is but i think there's some room for they know you that optimistic no politics is not is about division larry it's what makes it fun it's like a modern day gladiators that's what all of it is and really you know when you
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consider how nasty elections used to be back in the days in the rubble after the revolution in the days of thomas jefferson and john adams we've gotten a lot nicer nobody's duelling anymore no one's calling anyone a hermaphrodite like person and adams exchanged in a little newspaper quit so we've really come a long way but ultimately you know there's division to speak of it's going to actually be enter a party division and not just relating to republicans but also democrats as well because you have a lot of purple state folks who are. to be coming up for reelection you had neede silver in the new york times say that the senate is going to be a statistical tossup at this point which it wasn't so certain just a couple of years ago so you have basically two different parties who are going to decide how to reconcile and then you have a course the libertarian movement which is kind of coming into its own not just as a third party but also within the g.o.p. so it's going to be very interesting there's always going to be division as there should be because when ideas compete people when some of the bases obamacare is the law yes they're going to survive so this in my opinion major legislative reform is
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not going to stick anymore go back to no child left behind another sounds like a stretch but if you go back to no child left behind it was supposed to be sweeping reform permanently changing and within a few years it was rewritten within a few years it was overturned and now it's barely exist other than accountability measures which was the goal ironically i think obamacare is over the long term not going to stick i don't think you're going to see f.d.r. type reform where you know generational change because the wedges over medicare there's not enough of consensus in congress for there to be permanent reform and frankly i don't think enough there's too much dysfunctional parts of it will stick i think parts of it will stick or do you think why don't they go bamma care is going anywhere if they can get the website gone which remains to be seen but. whether i think this is done sort of irreparable damage to the president actually i think this endless quote that we've seen this week about if you like your health care you can keep it period and then you know a few days ago the if now for the first time people are really seeing a sort of really a flat out lie and i know everyone's trying to spin it as this what it was in
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a direct lie or sales people didn't quite tell him but for the first time he really sounds like every other politician and then when you add on the things like the n.s.a. that we're having a real trust issue with government and he still is the president for the next over here and he's a lame duck so he has a lot of work to do just to just to keep his legacy intact for the americans do want health care they believe they are entitled to health care. i think everyone wants real health care reform larry and not something that i know that i would like to see but i want to see some more competition i would like to see some tort reform i want to see some portability there's so many different things that we could do what this is this is targeting insurance i don't know of anyone who says well let's say let's improve health care let's improve treatment by adding one hundred thousand i.r.s. agents on the government payroll that doesn't really do anything all of the regulations it's just red tape but no people want real reforms this unfortunately isn't it but however and we were talking about whether it would ever kind of go
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away i don't know that it's ever going to be repealed because when you have a lot of people who are qualifying for medicaid and getting on medicaid you're going to have two parties who are not going to want to touch that because they're going to be angering a voting block so i don't know it's kind of a wait and see period but if we delay it you're going to have three over three million americans now that aren't are going to be just swinging out there and they either they're not going to have any health insurance at all whatsoever so it's kind of it's a it's a huge problem this is a train wreck older than the panel i go back to the moderated debate in nineteen sixty two between senator you were humphrey and then as was the president the may end debate was on medicare and it was a while that was a very interesting debate in miami but there was an enormous pressure against medicare and the a.m.a. was going wild against medicare now they're its biggest supporter medicare is locked in so you might be wrong i've been wrong before going through twice but i will say i said rock obama was not going to ultimately be hillary clinton so i
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think if you look at obamacare trying to reform health care without reforming tort reform without some fundamental fixes to the system what you're not doing is you're you're punishing success sere rewarding it's a broke obama if anything is an end to capitalist and i i wouldn't there's a lot of things that i wouldn't say he's done a decent job but i think the three and phone calls he's handled pretty well national security council he's handled pretty well in terms of the general direction of a. country though he fundamentally believes that you have to punish people who are successful to reward people who aren't and instead of the rising tide lifts all boats you share that view well i also think that the only way you can get anything passed now is through this disastrous process the process itself of when obamacare passed remember it was going to be on c.-span everyone was going to see everything it's going to be open and streamed online and i know that happened and know the way everything so every day i knew i kicked into place now the website is in a secure is it was supposed to be and they still pushed it through so i think every
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big change something like obamacare the way our government works is always going to be a disaster sebelius leave oh absolutely i think kathleen sebelius is she the health and human services secretary i mean the buck has to stop with someone we can't have beef unnamed bureaucrats being blamed all the time nice hearings people especially after the i.r.s. stuff lois lerner and we had fast and furious and guys the no one has been held accountable and this is a president who famously reiterated that the buck stops with him and the buck has to stop of anyone living above went out the door and around the corner and i got a drink that's what the but to say that for the president who fundamentally believes that the federal government can create value i think he's doing a commercial for the private sector right now his campaign ran flawlessly it was amazing it had talented people it was disappointing and this is like a saturday night live spoof of government right and so i think this has been a little bit of an ironic twist for the president who believes the federal
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government he remains immensely more popular with. congress and the republicans right but although they just said that his approval rating is now thirty nine percent anyone could be congress's approval rating right probably at like seven percent and that's what i was and that's too high right now and as someone slightly more on the left of this panel at least you know i do think this is exposed a major flaw in what obama's done he hasn't been responsible for anything so whether you think benghazi is a scandal or not or the i.r.s. is a scam. or not all these things no one gets fired for anything so of course sebelius has to go somebody has to get fired at some point because he says the buck stops with me he's not going to walk away looking ahead into twenty sixteen the way this sounds you would think the republicans would clearly have an advantage yet at the same done that obama's so weak the republicans are split right. exactly well the republicans are more dangerous to other republicans than democrats are dangerous to republicans that's something that we saw in two thousand and eight we saw in two thousand and twelve i really hope larry that it doesn't take a third election for the party to learn this lesson and for them to get out of
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their own way as long as they keep the focus on for instance on obamacare as long as they keep putting into words what average americans are feeling you can talk about benghazi all day long but unless we boil it down to simply talking points it's not going to work but there's one thing that you can't take people out on it's their paycheck and their insurance and that's where the message needs to stay nothing bridges divides or fuels wombs like the smell of the west wing and when you run out of the white house for eight years george bush in two thousand when you know when you've been out of the white house for eight years it tends to coalesce a party and i think if you can put a good candidate in place in the party i think the party will be ready to propose the best so if you were to be over it's one versus jeb bush it's not my proposal that's a fact that hillary clinton versus jeb bush would be titanic clash because it would be so it would be substantive from a policy standpoint that would be there would be exciting from a political standpoint i think it would be an absolute nightmare for america although i agree with that real terms of the movie quality of it get great in t.v.
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ratings and all that but it would be a nightmare you know we left england a long time ago because we don't want to live under a king we already had one clinton we've already had two bush but that's it they let you know when is mostly a going to run i mean that's what this is all leading that's an easy media narrative the voters what it's worth how many people in your family have great president but they're not sure that that is the truth is there's no such thing as i that i don't have to guess i have a life of considering jeb bush i am so i seen jeb bush speaker number of times and bush has zero likability jenna bush against hillary clinton that's going to be a big i live after that when i was a teenager in the ninety's i don't want to relive their bush and clinton machine fighting it out already will say yes i'm going to throw this out there what about elizabeth warren everyone so certain that hillary clinton is going to be running no one's talking about the dark horse coming from massachusetts a lot. warneke warren has been gaining some supporters up around up there in the northeast i just got to really quickly i think it's an intellectually lazy narrative to say oh we don't want another bush clinton because they're the two c. hardest for latisha are the two smartest we have talk radio you know the two
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smartest and the two most savvy politically on that note we've just begun to fight through all of my guests and for my viewers out there i want to hear from you join the conversation on my facebook page and share your thoughts on twitter by tweeting at king's things i'm using the politicking hashtag don't forget next week dick cheney that's all for this week's politic to. do we speak your language of the war not advance. news programs and documentaries
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in spanish what matters to you breaking news a little turn to angles stories. for you here. altie spanish find out more visit. tito it's. that i want to. pick up something that is quite simply. place was no way. clearly they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. and sold to the u.s. or turned over to. for. the soul that could be buried alive. was saved with great effort. and they wanted to turn me into a terrorist so they wanted me to admit that i was
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a member of al qaeda. that i fought with them. about time i didn't even know what al qaeda is nevertheless there are people. who start of. something is going to be done that's going to be done by me and it's been a short amount of time to do it but it's going to impact me i'd be prosecuted but it's the it's going to impact. the wife my daughter. the one time the trap. on our t.v. . what's happened is law enforcement and the national security agency has gone behind our collective backs and try to accomplish this using the courts in secret and that's truly what the issue is they broke it in whatever trust and violated whatever trust we may have had and that's the real
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issue and they're going to have to earn that back the hard way. i turned towards the two storey bridge and the car exploded my neighbor admitted killing me was a direct order he received as the number of deaths from terror attacks in iraq steers towards new tragic records documents the surge in civilian casualties with an in-depth database on the growing terror what we're looking at now specifically from terror attacks this year all the figures while the figures speak for themselves also this hour spirits are high in geneva as a long awaited breakthrough in nuclear talks with iran seems closer than ever but israel is far from happy about the impending agreement the international community got a bad deal this is a very bad deal. britain has declared a global.


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